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A note well taken - a lesson from my students.

Today is the day, a day that wrecked my believe as a teacher. I used to believe that basically every child need and want a good education. I used to believe that if the teacher teaches them well, they will love studying and want to learn more. today I learned the hard way that my believe was wrong.

I teach in one of the non-formal school in Indonesia. A school that facilitates good education for those who can't afford, give them lot of training to improve their skill and their entrepeurnership. For eight months, I've tried my best them to give the best learning experience in my capacity ; using activities in the classrooms, games, gives smile and encouragement. Yes I'm not a perfect teacher; but I'm learning. I read lot of book that will improve my teaching and my personal skill such as reading how to win friends and influence people; taking some online courses (the future of education and how to talk with vulnarable children, character teaching).

For eight months, th…

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